Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year with a game....

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year. Hard to believe we are in 2011 in just a few hours.

Here at our house we stay safe inside. So we have game I figured with that being said a Memory game would be awesome to make. Here is my take on it....
I made the cuts from my cricut (george and basic shapes cartridge for the cards) Used various stamps and stamp pads. Then I used my cricut cartridge tags bags and boxes to cut the box. Used simple decorations that I 3d. Added some ribbon and we are loving it. Going to plan on making a bigger stack of pictures next one.
Hope you enjoy...let me know what you think.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!
May you have a healthy and wonderful New Year.
Be Safe! We will be at home playing games and enjoying the family time.
TammyI made a wall hanging to celebrate the New Year! Pretty pleased with the results.

Signed up for an all day crop at the end of the month. Can't wait!!! Fun stuff...and girlie too.
Oh by the way I am trying to get all my paperwork in so that I can try for a job in the school system. So please keep me in prayer as I am so ready to go back to work with a full time job. WHich by the way hasn't happened since I have had kids since 1993.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just some sports layouts I whipped up...

Basketball layout for AustenUsed some brads...gel pen....embossing
This wrestling paper was great...used it for Presten who is doing this sport first time this year.

Neat images on Sports Mania cartridge

Fancy scissor cuts...LOL Neat images...tried to use his school colors.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.... Here are a couple of layouts I made using my cricut mainly. I found some great sports papers and had to use them. I did embossing on parts,stickers,3d imaging. Had fun making them. Hope you like the little touches.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Some Family Holiday Pictures....

My four boys at my parents. Just sharing some pictures of Christmas at my parents last Sunday...Jaxten a proud Eagle fan...loved his snuggie from Grandma.
My Present that my dad made me....I love it! Me, Dad,Rob
Me and my parents....
Getting ready for Santa tonight...Those are my western stocking I made the boys a few years ago. They have sports toes too...I even embroidered them.

My cutie....showing off his early present...Bed set. Love Toy Story!
They wanted a picture of me. Notice the grinch. haha
Austen loves shoes...showing off his new ones...

My poor Presten with the flu...on Christmas eve. He has his new comforter set as well...hoped it would make him feel better.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
May you all be happy and healthy.
Hope Santa spoils you too!
Blessings always...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and a little ornament I made

Here is a Christmas box ornament I made. I wanted to share some pictures of the boys in a neat way for my parents. I sure hope they enjoy it. I handmade the flower by cutting hearts with my cricut all different sizes and crinkling them. Also cut the box from my Tags, bags and boxes cartridge. Used a brad in the middle and used twine to make the loop. Stickles was hard to do on the corners but once I started going I had to finish. It does look pretty in person. Entered project over at mypinkstamper Merry Christmas to you and and yours...Your friendship means the world to me. When I hear from you by comment it makes my day. It surely does bring a smile to my face. I have made so many wonderful blogging friends and if you lived by me I am sure we would be wonderful friends. Sure wish I could travel the world and pop in to each one of you. May each of you have wonderful New Year!

Wow~the holidays have been bringing on some unwanted sickness....First I caught a biggie really. Then my little guy, Colten, came down with the flu last night. It was a rough night to say the least. We actually had to take a nap...if you knew me that never ever happens. I was wiped out. He is doing a little better now. Just weak and not hungry at all. So doing the liquids to make sure he stay hydrated. Tried toast, crackers, even made chicken noodle soup tonight. Nada...I am just praying for him to be well for Christmas.

He is so am I.... I can't wait to see all their faces on Christmas day. We are having Christmas day here with my husbands side. So getting all the meals figured out. I think I am done finally....

Going to watch a movie now....curl up with my gypsy too...Gotta multi task!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

May we not forget the reason for the season...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Isn't she lovely....

To start off....I want to THANK my sweet friend Sarah for thinking of me in such a wonderful way this holiday season.
She sent me a wonderful magazine all the way from Ireland and the most beautiful Christmas card. As I have said before we have not good ones in the US and she remembered me stating that a while back.

So Sarah~ I wanted to create a card using the toppers and papers from the magazine. I am in all of these ladies....they look victorian to me. I used quite a bit of bling on it from ribbon to glitter paper. Also did some 3d foam to give it a pop on this easel card.

I pray that each one of you is blessed this holiday season....
Have a very Merry Christmas!
and a safe and Healthy New Year!
If I am not in blog land is because I have all the kiddies home starting Thursday. It can go either way...their game systems could win me out some days and i will be able to create.
Oh....I have a question.
What binder is best? Zutter bind it all or the Cinch or any other type you may have heard about?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Graduation flip book.

I am in the middle of multi tasking lately. So I whipped this up in between tons of running around. I just love having my gypsy....I used it to cut the images and the flip pages. (Wrap it up cartridge).Added ribbon and used heavy cardstock. DP was graduation sheets. Added sentiments throughout...Simple yet...cute!

Here is a lovely mini album I won over at Scrap Happens with Rhonda. She is just the sweetest and generious lady in blogland. So happy to have found her site. THis is just the coolest thing.
Now I want to try my hand at making one...
I love it!!! Each page has a spot for a photo and each page is a different package.
The thought in it is just awesome!
So a huge thank you, to Rhonda.

I have to get baking tomorrow....cookies that is.
Then a basketball game and I volunteer in the concession for the varsity game. Wrestling meet on Saturday with my oldest son...Then church that evening. Sunday we are celebrating Christmas early at my parents. Then I can breath for a minute. haha....
Gotta check on gifts to the boys and hope I kept it equal. Gotta love that part with four boys.
Not!!! hahaha
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Oldest Graduated College even before High School

So proud of Presten! Very few High School students graduate College before graduating High School. I am proud to say mine is now one! He has achieved something that no one on either family sides has done before. He has set the mark extremly high for his brothers. Hopefully he will continue on his road to success... He would like to be Orthopedic surgeon. So lots of schooling to go.
But next he needs to graduate High School.
Austen,Presten, Jaxten and Colten in front.
An archway for the students...Seeing all the older people graduating made me want to go back to college. hmmmmmmm....very encouraging!
Now we wait on what University he will be attending. He has already been accepted at USF,UCF and FSU. He wants UF and we don't find out until February.
Have a super day!!!


My Family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Santa.... holiday house gift box...

Entered this house in Fantabulous Cricut! Also in a Holiday ideas over at Paperissues
Dear Santa........

Once again....recycling....this time a pop tart box. I had so much fun creating this box today.

I used cricut,gypsy,punches,glitter,ink,DP,cuttlebug,ribbon and stickles. I hope you like it! Been busy getting ready for the holiday season.

I think this would be perfect to put yummies in as a gift. I already am making up paint cans for cookies this year so maybe these for next year.

Happy Holidays!!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My scrabble board gift idea....

My Christmas gift for my parents....
I love these scrabble board hangers. You have to reinforse the back open with thin wood. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. I put holes in the top corners to make the hanger with ribbon. I also used brads to cover the hole where the ribbon went through.You pick the words and if you run out of a letter use a spare and stamp the letter on it with perma ink. It works like a charm.
Embellish with ever you want and theme it out what ever way you want to.

I used my cricut to cut out the angel and layered it and added stickles glitter to wings. Cute!

I also pieced the flower together at the hanger top.
Endless possibilities. I have made three of them so far.
Will post pictures at later times.
Hope you like!
Let me know what you think...
Hey two posts in a me! hahaha
Having a great day today! Hope you are too!
Entering into challenge over at:

I am so excited....

I have to start off this post with a happy note....went in for my Ultrasound and the cysts were gone...I mean they were big cysts and now there were none. Praise God...prayer does work!!!
Onto my other happy news...I have found a wonderful blog named Scrap Happens. Rhonda does the cutest mini albums and her other stuff is just fabulous as well. So pop over and say "Hi." She awarded me with my Stylish blogger Award. I have to list 8 blogs whom I award this too. Also, eight things I like(my case love). Please don't forget to link back to the blog that awarded you.
1. I love that God is #1
2. I love my family
3. Love to scrapbook or craft just about anything....from sewing to even making jewelry.
4. I love my Friends and they mean the world to me. Blogging buddies included.
5. Comments make me smile...
6. I love warm weather...that is why I live in Florida
7. My kids accomplishments make my heart so happy.
8. I love sports...especially football! Go Gators!!
Awarding goes to:
back to:Rhonda Scrap Happens....
1. Lisa~ Mess2Magic
2. Ann-Sofie~ Dorpan Donar
3. Sarah~ Sarah's Little Creations
4. Julie~ The Tucker Wolek Clan
5. Jocelyn~ Simply Me
6. Carri~ Doubleclick Connections
7. Jennifer~ JLJ Designs
8. KAndrew over at Getting Cricky with K Andrew
Have a fabulous day...Thank you to all my followers for making me smile daily. I so appreciate it!
Be blessed!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tried my hand at mixed media bottle.

I have fallen in love with mixed media bottles....The only problem is that I have not found a tutorial on how to make them. The only one I found cost $60 to take an online course. Just not willing to spend that yet. So on mine I used lace,more lace, beads, wild orchid flowers, ribbon a pretty blue bottle that I found at Hobby Lobby. I made this as a little gift for my mom's birthday. Let me know what you think. If you have heard of this and found out any sites or pointers on them. Please send it my way. Thanks a bunch!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas gift card stocking

A stocking that you can hang on your tree or wall...even holds the gift card perfectly.
Just a little fun project I created yesterday....I wanted to make a stocking that would hold a gift card. I used my cricut for all the cut outs...Over at Getting Cricky with K Andrew wanted us to create anything long as it is cute. This should fit the bill. Smiles...
The gift card tucks right in perfectly...I having hanging out to show you where it goes.
Lots of stickles for shine.
Hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit. Finally we have some cool weather in Florida. Putting me in the festive mood. I have the house decorated and working on the outside.
Next Wednesday, I go for an Ultrasound. The mammogram came back incomplete..needed more tests. So not worrying and going with the flow on this one. Too busy with my boys.
My 2nd son Austen is in his basketball season...3 games a week.
My oldest is in Wrestling now...all day Saturdays.
On a great note I am going to my Scrapbook store with my Groupon I told you about in previous post. So for $12 i get $25 of merchandise and if you are there on Saturday from 10-11am which I will be with my sister in law...we get 40% off our whole order. I should be getting lots of stuff...Woot!!!! Merry Christmas to me! haha...
I do have a huge wish list this year. What is up with that? haha....
Having fun getting the boys there presents. Santa has already responded to the youngest...
They are so excited.
Have a wonderful weekend...
Smiles...and blessings...
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