Friday, May 31, 2013

Hubby card

My card for my hubby on Dad's day.   He has been my rock during everything I am going through.  Hope you like my card...using some goodies that I purchased at Magnolious store.  When bed bound you buy   smiles...Tammy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Purple card Wee

I am loving my new Wee stamps.  This purple card turned out so pretty with the colors.  Hope you are having a wonderful week.  God Bless, Tammy

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update...and Best dad card.


Happy Dad's day card.  I used my new Magnolia Edwin.  I love coloring on water marker paper.  Kind of simple as I don't last long in the craft room.


My family is all doing great.  My oldest is in his last year of UF.  My next one is going to be a senior (boo hoo-ing already).  He is taking all his pre recs for RN school.  He can't wait to work with all the typical of him.  LOL   My third one is going into 10th grade.  Soon to be turning 15 and getting his permit.  He is already 6'1...going to be my giant like they predicted.  Though they all pass me up besides my 10 year old.  Which is creeping up on me fast.  I'm 5'   He is going into 5th grade at a new school.  Couldn't be more thrilled about the change of school.  Hubby is doing great working hard as always. 
Well that is my update.  Going to post some cards I have made.  Hugs...Tammy
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