Wednesday, September 30, 2015

  Wow time sure flies by quickly.
I've continued to craft all along.  I now have a mission to figure out how to add photos besides from my Instagram.
So this is my gang...growing up before my eyes.   My oldest is the last picture.  Presten is going to be 22 this coming month.   Hard to believe.   He runs an excavating company with his dad now.  My second oldest 20 years old in the pink shirt is in school to become a nurse.   He has a girlfriend from his old college.   My third son Jaxten is 17 and is a senior but taking all classes at the college.  Goal is to have AA when he graduates in June.  My youngest Colten is now 5'9 and just turned 13 and is in 7th grade.  He Is in advanced classes.   I am definitely one proud mom!!  Me and my hubby Rob are doing good.   I can't wait to show some creations and check on all your blogs to see who is still on them.  Smiles always...Tammy

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