Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh it feels like Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas...thank goodness I started early this year. Or I wouldn't have this all up.

I'm not happy being sick for the holidays. It has been a rough past 6 months for me.

I love you can see by my snowman collection from Hallmark. My Annalee collection. I have a huge Boyds bear collection too.
May your December be awesome for you all....Miss ya. Looking forward to seeing your creations. I have made a couple of things but need frames before I can post.
Be blessed. Smiles...Tammy

Friday, November 4, 2011

Snowman cards...Austen homecoming

Okay...I sure do miss blog land. If I only had the time to browse around I would do so. Here are some of my Magnolia snowman cards. I used puff paint, stickles glitter, copics, and My Minds Eye cards, and for these.

Now I wanted to share a picture of Austen and his girlfriend on homecoming dance night.

Below is Austen...he was in the 10th grade homecoming court. He looks so handsome!

I'm famous for making the corsage and boutonniere...this way they last longer. Though my son lost his during the dance. Oh well, he had a great time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Things are still crazy here. I am trying now to get into the holiday shopping. very slow at it too... Miss ya! Sending smiles and hugs your way.

:) Tammy Be blessed!!
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