Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A fairy birthday card...crafters companions

Here is my sweet card that I whipped up from crafters companion Fairyopolis card kit. I used stickles and pearl dots for accent. I love this kit....so easy to decoupage the images....I also used the coll kit by Collall.

So neat that they add rub-ons for the backs of the cards too...

Everything you need for a sweet card.

My three sweeties enjoying tv and computer time. You never know when I am lurking for a picture.

smiles...always, Tammy

Please check my post tomorrow...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The sweetest birthday gift....Must see!

This is my awesome handmade wonderful gift from my super sweet blogging friend Rhonda.

You can see her wonderful albums at Scrap Happens with Rhonda.She put so much thought into my album...EAch page is sooooooooooo special and perfect!!!
I mean look at this most adorable card!!!! above!

What an artist too....I love the drawings throughout the book.

Even the glue gun has drops of glue....how cool is that touch.

I love it so much Rhonda!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Can't believe my birthday is in a week...we kinda forget them as we get older don't we.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial day weekend.

I had a great day with the family and tomorrow a nice at home cook out.

Oh...on my birthday next Sunday they are having a graduation ceremony for the seniors at my church so Presten will be part of that. I am so blessed!!!

Smiles...always, Tammy

NOTE::::: I have not been able to leave comments on some of my friends blogs...It is the one's that need word verification.

I just wanted those of you who I follow. blogger issues...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

He did it....So proud

Just posting some of Presten's pictures from his High School graduation. He had a rather large class... Here is as a speaker for his Salutatorian speech...The girl next to him was the class president. Presten's speech was heartfelt and so moving. I could have not been more proud of him. He had three tassels on his hat to show all the accomplishments...His salutatorian medal and all his cords and sashes from college plus his sports pins....

They also surprised him with a plaque for being Salutatorian. That was really sweet!

So tonight he is best friends graduation party....Sent Austen as a chaperone. Laughing...

I am unwinding from yesterday graduation and family party...

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will get some crafting in.

Happy memorial day to all those who have fought and died for our country and those still serving.

I miss seeing all your creations but once things settle in I will be back.

The other three boys have their last few days this week.

Then out for the summer.

Now I have to get planning a mini vacation....

Miss ya....God Bless each one of you.

Church in morning...then not sure.

Having fun with my couponing...mega deals lately.

Just did two Listerines whitening for only $1.18
Free batteries even...plus one of my favorite deals....6 Axe products for under $2.

Does any of my followers do couponing...let me know if you do.

Pretty fun and wow it sure will help with Presten going to college. Expensive.

smiles...always, Tammy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tilda,My youngin,and my deal.

First I have a Goodie bag fold card...hmmmm not sure what to call it. haha...My sweet friend Dora, sent me this wonderful Tilda image...It was a favorite of mine. So thank you!!!

I was able to color it awhile ago and today I wanted to put it to use so I created this creation.

I hope you like all the little elements of it.

Here is my sweetie, Colten. He came home sick today but I used him as a tester of what Presten will be wearing on graduation day. My goodness his neck is going to bother him so.

Colten looks so adorable too!!!

I have been doing my couponing too....It is sure going to help with Presten going off to College.

I bought all this for only $13. One of my very best deals yet.

Now I have to learn couponing for food that will last...(shelf date)

Let me know if you are couponing too.

Have a terrific weekend.

Our baseball season ended early as Saturday was our last game and they canceled it. Such a shame but atleast the boys will get a party to say goodbye until next year.

We really had fun and wow- Colten sure has grown alot in the sport. I am getting everything in order for Presten's graduation next week.

Then we have Jaxten's birthday coming up and well mine too. We are both June...

smiles...always, Tammy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Mini Album

Here is a mini album that I made for my niece who is expecting next month. I used my cricut and lots of other decorations for this one. I put papers in to mark where the photos
can be placed.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

MIA and Estate finds

So sorry for the absence lately especially on my commenting to your blogs. I am getting ready for Presten's graduation....and so much more. We have found a new church that we have been attending for about a month now. After attending and loving my old church for over 20 years it is wonderful to find a place that just speaks to you and makes you feel right at home. My kids are so happy there too..They enjoy the youth,middle school and high school groups..it is great to have that feeling of just complete happiness that you can only get from hearing God's word.

Not all things in life are easy...just when it seems like smooth sailing then pop...a curve ball.
So me and Rob are having to learn to deal with these curve balls. At least we have each other and that is a big...well huge comfort!

I have just heard of another one of my friends from Middle school days that has just passed away...It breaks your heart to hear of these things and to know that many suffer from depression. Without God in their lives how are they to know the ever lasting life. So we need to share the gospel with each and every one...so they can make it to Heaven. I know I do not want to go anywhere else.
Well, I just wanted to share some words...as I do not have any crafts to share today.
We have an awards ceremony tonight for Presten's academics we will find out how much money he has made for University of Florida. Here's praying for a full ride. Smiles.... (A side note from tonight...he did not fair as well as we had hoped...Figuring he is second in the whole senior class you would think he would have done much better...Only $6,000 which doesn't even dent into what it costs for a year at his University.) I am definately disappointed but we will just pray that everything will work out.

Below, is a photo of some great antique jewelry I picked up at an Estate sale. I love finding such cool pieces. Why is the earrings from back then so beautiful...and beautifully made? hmmmm
That's all for now. I need to work on a mini album for my nieces 3rd shower next week. Baby should be coming soon...
Smiles...and hugs....I will be back soon with more creations not many as May is a busy month this year.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new technique I learned...and the kittens

I wanted to show you a new technique I learned....I used it to create this paper... First you need this type of product..(all purpose cleaner scent Lemon).Go to http://harmonyroadstudio.blogspot.com/2011/05/another-inkjet-transfer-tutorial.html#comment-form if you do not understand my directions.

Then pick out your image that you would like to print...must be inkjet printer. Which most home ones are... Note that I learned...that I had a duh moment with was...No letters or they will be backwards.

Spray the image face down on your decorative paper....hold in place firmly while you do this. It does not matter if it goes over. I had no problems of the decorative paper getting ruined.

Then use your finger, bone folder, and rub firmly as if you were doing a transfer. Peek underneath to make sure it is all coming through fine before you lift it off completely. It was rather easy....Just note "firmly hold paper down" and it will work like a charm. I made a few and then used my little hand dryer to speed the drying. Placed them in a book to make sure they stay flat.

Pretty easy....

The above image is after look of the inkjet photo I chose.

Okay....here are the stay cat's kittens. I know who the mom is and the dad. These two look just like the dad. He has squiggles all over him and we named him that. They parents are not people friendly but we put out food for them to keep them around. Great to have on the property.

Above is mama....running after I was taking pictures. She is cool though...I wish she was friendly she always looks at me but won't let me near. Darn...I love cats though i am highly allergic to them. I take benedryl so I can pet cats, kittens...

This one is sooooooooo sweet in the face...she/he is always looking at me. Gosh...I wish I could hold her but learned that is not a good thing. The hard way I learned. :(

Well hope you are having a wonderful day! We are off to Chili's tonight...Kids eat free...so yummy!

Smiles...always, Tammy

Monday, May 9, 2011

My graduation banners...

Here is a creation that I made for http://decoratetocelebrate.blogspot.com/. They are a new challenge blog with Party ideas.... So here are my Graduation theme banners for my son's upcoming high school graduation. I am so proud of him for being Salutatorian of his class and also back in December he graduated College with his AA degree.Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. I am feeling a little under the weather. Yesterday for Mom's day..I fell off my pavers and twisted both ankles...one swelled and the other did not but the other one hurts worse...go figure. For some reason my tummy is not feeling to good so going to just rest. Oh... our stray cat around our house had 3 kittens on our back porch...they are so cute. Her last two died this time we are staying away from them figuring that she will take good care of these ones. She is still feeding them....they look adorable. You don't know how bad I want to cuddle them....

Have a terrific week! Hope to get by your blogs this week.

smiles...always, Tammy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd creation today for National Scrapbook day #3...Check out both posts.

Having lots of fun crafting today....Colten's baseball team won today....so it has been a super fabulous day!Here is my creations....Going pink with this one in honor of Breast Cancer.

The Pink Stamper has a National Scrapbooking day challenge for Breast cancer and I am a huge supporter. So I was happy to create something fun.
I used my cricut/gypsy for this creation. Lots of inking and some gel pen.

Please pop over to my post below...I made another project you must see....

Showing all sides of the box...beach theme.

I wanted to make something for inside the box. This candle fits perfectly. It is a flameless candle I bought for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I tissue paper stamped the image...Tweety bird.
Papers are My Mind's Eye- Little Miss Muffet "delight" Purple Plumes Paper

Added some glitter and some color. Done! Easy Peasy...really.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Happy Mom's Day!!


My own Mom's day Scrabble board. #5 NSD

My very own Scrabble board for Mother's day...I used all words that pertain to my family and me.

I even used some Prima flowers and stickles to give them some glitz. Added lots of little goodies to make it pop. I am in all of the end project and will proudly hang it! My boys loved it too.

Entering this project in for Flower shower....over at http://fantabulouscricut.blogspot.com/search/label/Challenge%20Me%20Monday

Remember when I made my mom and mother in law scrabble boards for Christmas gifts this past Christmas. I wanted to have one of my own. So today over at The Pink Stamper they are having a National Scrapbook Challenge day...So I am entering this for the 3D challenge. I have yet to own Peachy keen stamps but would love to...

To all my blogger friends...Happy Mom's Day!
I've entered this project into Wee Memories challenge.

May your day be blessed. We will start off in church and I am hoping that my hubby will be making me some yummy food. It takes a special occasion for that. :)

Smiles...always, Tammy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mom gift...also my Lily bloom

Here is my Lily that bloomed...i thought I lost this plant after our rough winter but nope...It looks beautiful today...one more bloom ready to open too. Yipee!!!! I have a green thumb now. haha I wanted to create something for the Crafter's Companion challenge blog. If you own anything from Crafters Companion please enter in the contest this month. Which is Mother's Day challenge.

I used my Envelope box part of my Ultimate to create. Then all the added extra details. Go here if you would like to enter in. They have a great prize to be won.

Happy Mom's day to all of you. May your day be simply wonderful. We will be at church first and then not sure what is planned. Most likely seeing our mom's. Have a terrific weekend if I don't get a chance to create again this week.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Torso.....

My sweet blogging friend, Tee from The Altered Paper sent me this wonderful Paper Mache Torso. I have been pondering how I was going to doll her up.

This is what I came up with.
I used my old hymnol book to create the flowers and the dress top.

I added some ribbon and a bow which I inked as well as the the homemade flowers.

I added purple Wild orchid flowers along with my flower punch to fill in the spaces.

The other flowers were made using my cricut. Cut two different sizes of pattern to get volume.

I have debated on if I should add anything else to the top portion...and decided not to.

Let me know if you think that is a good choice.

Let me know what you think....if you like the Torso you can enter into

Tee's giveaway....go here.

Entering this into a challenge for flowers over at: http://forfunchallenges.blogspot.com/
Also over at
http://clearitoutchallenge.blogspot.com/ for ribbons/trim.
Also a challenge for anything goes...first challenge ever over at:
http://divasbydesignchallenge.blogspot.com/ I've also entered this into Fantabulous Cricut flowers challenge.
I have kid pick ups and then over to my parents for my dad's birthday dinner.
Hope all is well with everyone...So sorry for the blog absence.
When things settle down I will be back at it.
Life just gets busy as you all know.
Hugs and a smile...Tammy

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