Friday, May 20, 2011

Tilda,My youngin,and my deal.

First I have a Goodie bag fold card...hmmmm not sure what to call it. haha...My sweet friend Dora, sent me this wonderful Tilda image...It was a favorite of mine. So thank you!!!

I was able to color it awhile ago and today I wanted to put it to use so I created this creation.

I hope you like all the little elements of it.

Here is my sweetie, Colten. He came home sick today but I used him as a tester of what Presten will be wearing on graduation day. My goodness his neck is going to bother him so.

Colten looks so adorable too!!!

I have been doing my couponing too....It is sure going to help with Presten going off to College.

I bought all this for only $13. One of my very best deals yet.

Now I have to learn couponing for food that will last...(shelf date)

Let me know if you are couponing too.

Have a terrific weekend.

Our baseball season ended early as Saturday was our last game and they canceled it. Such a shame but atleast the boys will get a party to say goodbye until next year.

We really had fun and wow- Colten sure has grown alot in the sport. I am getting everything in order for Presten's graduation next week.

Then we have Jaxten's birthday coming up and well mine too. We are both June...

smiles...always, Tammy


  1. aww Tilda looks so cute .. i love that image and i think its called a tent style card
    Colten looks sweet all dressed up.. and what bargains you have got
    Lisa x

  2. Tammy Love your Tilda Bag Creation! So Cute! You are So Creative! Hugs,Tee

  3. Colten is such a cutie, and he looks so grand (and proud) in his costume!!! LOL!

    Your Tilda card is beautiful! You and the Imagine work well together!

  4. Naw you have to be a proud mom, sis!
    Coupons we have but not in that sense you have. We often have discount-cuopons but not in a way that we can buy things that cheap =)
    If I lived in the states I would get a new hobby haha... couponing =)=)=)
    Lots of love

  5. Hi Tammy, this is gorgeous :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the stamp. Big hugs xxx

  6. oh my how cute and your little boy is so adorable in his little outfit.

  7. Tammy, Congrats to Presten, Followed you from my site. What a great shopping trip. My son going to College is what started me couponing.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    Oh, what a darling creation--AND what a cutie pie!!! And it looks like you did great with your coupons! I wish I could find a 70 percent off to Hobby Lobby! lol
    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  9. just wanted to add that I love how all your kids' names end in "en". that's a bit similar to a few of my sisters and a niece who chose to end their babies' names in "yn" from '94 and on. cute idea.


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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