Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas gift card stocking

A stocking that you can hang on your tree or wall...even holds the gift card perfectly.
Just a little fun project I created yesterday....I wanted to make a stocking that would hold a gift card. I used my cricut for all the cut outs...Over at Getting Cricky with K Andrew wanted us to create anything long as it is cute. This should fit the bill. Smiles...
The gift card tucks right in perfectly...I having hanging out to show you where it goes.
Lots of stickles for shine.
Hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit. Finally we have some cool weather in Florida. Putting me in the festive mood. I have the house decorated and working on the outside.
Next Wednesday, I go for an Ultrasound. The mammogram came back incomplete..needed more tests. So not worrying and going with the flow on this one. Too busy with my boys.
My 2nd son Austen is in his basketball season...3 games a week.
My oldest is in Wrestling now...all day Saturdays.
On a great note I am going to my Scrapbook store with my Groupon I told you about in previous post. So for $12 i get $25 of merchandise and if you are there on Saturday from 10-11am which I will be with my sister in law...we get 40% off our whole order. I should be getting lots of stuff...Woot!!!! Merry Christmas to me! haha...
I do have a huge wish list this year. What is up with that? haha....
Having fun getting the boys there presents. Santa has already responded to the youngest...
They are so excited.
Have a wonderful weekend...
Smiles...and blessings...


  1. HI Tammy... Hope you are ok.. try not to worry about the tests.. fingers crossed they will all come back ok
    Love the stocking.. what a great idea.
    I had a visit from Santa today... a beautiful parcel all the way from Florida with some fabulous gifts inside.I must get organised.. i still have something to post to you ...
    Thank you so very very much .. i have my little door hanger on display.. he looks so cute.. you are a fabulous friend.. sorry i haven't been as communicative lately.But promise to get in touch soon.

    I love your new xmas blog look.. i love all the victoriana.
    I just dont seem to be in the xmas spirit ..have no idea what we will be doing.. or who i will spend it with.
    I am glad you are getting all prepared..
    Lots of love and thanks once again
    Lisa xx

  2. This is such a fun project! Great gift holder! I'm thinking about you, stay well!

  3. Tammi
    This is just a chance for us prayer warriors to start sending up smoke signals! Ill be praying for you dilligently so please let me know when you hear something.
    Absolutely fabulous project girl! I love it!
    Thanks for playing along with me at Getting Cricky

    Big cricky hugs and love to you!

  4. Hi Chum, it's great to hear that you are keeping your chin up girl and getting on with what you do best, being the most wonderful Mum to your Boys!!!! Gods good chum praying all tests are good news which I'm sure they will be Tammy,
    Love this idea of yours for holing a gift card!! fabulous make and yes I can just see you with all your decorations up I'm hoping to do mine over the weekend, and guess what I got today in post, your gorgeous Pressie, how did you know!! (((((((((Big Hugs))))))) chum I love it, I have to go as dinner is ready, but will email chum afterwards ok catch ya soon Hugs
    Sarah xx


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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