Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Oldest Graduated College even before High School

So proud of Presten! Very few High School students graduate College before graduating High School. I am proud to say mine is now one! He has achieved something that no one on either family sides has done before. He has set the mark extremly high for his brothers. Hopefully he will continue on his road to success... He would like to be Orthopedic surgeon. So lots of schooling to go.
But next he needs to graduate High School.
Austen,Presten, Jaxten and Colten in front.
An archway for the students...Seeing all the older people graduating made me want to go back to college. hmmmmmmm....very encouraging!
Now we wait on what University he will be attending. He has already been accepted at USF,UCF and FSU. He wants UF and we don't find out until February.
Have a super day!!!


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  1. Wow!! Congrats!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. How AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. That is just sooooo wonderful!!! I know you must be so very proud of him!!!

    Great pic of the family!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!!

  4. You guys are adorable! Congratulations to you and your son. What an amazing achievment. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment!! xoxo

  5. so wonderful. what a cute family you have your sons are all very handsome.

  6. You must be so proud Tammy.. fabulous pics and what a lovely family .. i am so lucky to be your friend!
    Lisa ;)

  7. What Beautiful picture's of your Family Tammy you must be so proud of Preston chum I think Presten and Jaxten look like you chum, you ahve 4 very handsome young men there, thanks for sharing these chum, Have you not got my parcel yet chum it's well over 2 weeks since I sent it, my brother in Canada has got his and posted them at the same time, Oh' I hope it's not lost!!! take care lots Hugs
    Sarah x


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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