Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some quick cards....

Last night I decided to create....I had no idea at all what to create.So I began to look into my baskets to hopefully inspire me where to start.It has been awhile since I had nothing in mind.Easy when you need to whip up a card but this I had no idea.Then I came across this card kit that I had won a while back.So I figured hey why not go for that as it was kinda going to be a bit easy.Now I did put a twist on a couple of them but other then that I just did what they said to do. Everything was in each baggie for the card and a picture.So here are my simple cards that turned out so cute.

Love that they are for every occasion.

My hubby and oldest are off to Orlando for a few days for work.

So I am holding down the fort with the other three boys.

Enjoying quiet time now.

Which is very rare with these boys but they are either

playing games or skyping friends right now.

Tomorrow I plan on taking them to see Transformers then out to eat.

They should enjoy that. I know I will!

Hope everyone is doing great....Miss seeing your blogs but i have tried to stop by some these past few days. If I have forgotten to go to yours please pop me a line and I will make sure to get there soon.

Be blessed!

smiles...always, Tammy


  1. Wow these are wonderful! I need to think about making cards.

  2. Loving all your cards! Great work!!!

    Good luck holding down the fort...lol!

  3. Umm, wow! I'm inspired now. Thank you! :)

  4. all are so pretty did a wonderful job. you really did inspire me.


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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