Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I may be not feeling well...but the week has been off to a great start.

Okay....some awesome news first. My oldest, Presten, who is 16 has received two acceptance letters into USF (Bulls) and UCF (Knights) ...those in the United states will get the names of the college football teams in parenthesis. We are waiting on the last two schools which are FSU (Seminoles-boo...hahaha) and his 1st pick which is UF (Go Gators!!). Looking pretty promising so far. Though we don't find out until December with FSU and then all the way in February for UF. Trying to get the scholarships forms filled out. We are wanting him to live on campus to be safer for him... He will be going in as a Junior, because he graduates from PHCC -local college with his AA in December. Which is great seeing he wants to be in the medical field. All this before he graduates High School. Yepper...I am a proud mom!!!! Now to get my Austen who is in 9th grade to focus on school rather then the girls would be great. Oh and our undefeated middle school football team lost last night to a team that they will be sharing the number 1 spot with. Atleast they had a stellar year...just had a bad night of football last night. I was excited they announced my boy Jaxten on the intercom for a tackle. He heard it and was excited. Oh and since I chatted on 3 of the boys...Colten is so cute....he has picture day today. Here is a little card that I whipped up for Christmas. It actually came together after not knowing ahead what I was planning. Hahaha.... Hope you like. I have to get in the Christmas mojo...One more birthday for my boy, Presten this month and then I can concentrate on Christmas. Any ideas for boys this year? I am at a loss.... Looking forward to Black Friday~that may help. haha...
Have a super blessed Wednesday!
Smiles....always! Tammy


  1. Wowwwwwwwww! How awesome for him! I love love love love that card! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. well i am totally lost with all that college talk.. its completely different to what happens here!
    But i think its good news so well done lol
    LOve that xmas card - the soft blue and that frame is gorgeous
    Take care of yourself ... busy here too - but i must get a parcel off to you
    Lisa ;)

  3. Such great exciting!!!

    Love that adorable card!!!

    Hoping you are feeling better soon!!!

  4. Great news!!! for Preston Tammy, sorry to here that you are still not feeling better, but glad that this news and having a great week has lifted your spirits chum, I hope you will feel a lot better soon lots Hugs Sarah xx

  5. Tammy me again Ohhhhh!!! how silly I am I forgot to comment on your card lol' hehe' it is beautiful chum and it did turn out fabulous, love the frame and image is gorgeous a great make Hugs x
    Sarah xx

  6. Congrats on your son!! You must be proud!!

    Your card is so pretty!! I love the soft colors, the frame, and the sweet snowman.

  7. Wow, this is soooo awesome!!! You must be so proud of him!! I am ecstatic for you and know he'll do fantastic no matter where he decides to go!

  8. Your card is precious...I couldn't see any pics when I first came on because my browser is messing up...this is too cute for words!!!!

  9. Hi Tammy this is soooo cute, I love it.... what a sweet snowman, love love love him. PS I just done a boy's card if you wanna have a look. These male cards are so tough, never know what to do for them!!! Hugs xx


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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