Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 Christmas Easel cards....

Please don't mind me working on making watermarks for my photos. Please read below this picture for my first post on this. :)
Here are three Christmas Easel Christmas Cards that I made....I had so much fun making these. The trees actually are 3d and can be taken off and used as an ornament. Yep...trying to be different. Also, I was trying to learn how to make a watermark. Hmmmmmm... I have to keep working on that one. hahaha...

Tomorrow we are off for a road trip to Jacksonville which is about 4 hours away. My oldest school football team is playing their team at 6pm. So we will be leaving early for that one. He rides the bus... First I have 3 of the boys dentist appointments in the morning so they are going to be missing their first day of school. Why bother going just for 2 logic.

Tonight hoping to rest up. I have been working on a crafting project....for Christmas.

Smiles...and have a great Thursday!



  1. Fab cards - love the idea you will be able to use the trees as ornaments
    You are going to have a busy day lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. These are all just adorable.. such a great ides to be able to use the trees as ornaments.. Have fun at the game..
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Tammie!
    Love your easelcards!! And what a fun idea to make the trees work in two ways!!
    Hug Lindha

  4. Fabulous Easel cards Tammy love them chum, aren't you the clever one!! what a fab idea with the trees, your watermark looks fab chum, but if you want to have a look here this is were I got mine from had it Custom made for me only $5 here's the link to the page,
    enjoy your road trip, and hope the team wins!!! take care Hugs xxx
    Sarah xx

  5. Soooo cute thanks for sharing!!!


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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