Sunday, April 3, 2011

My morning wake up...tea party...card for other neice...

Okay...first up is the card that I made for my other (twin) neice....I love belle's and Whistles stamps...I was able to use one of my handmade flowers on it too....
What I woke up to after being up all night with a bonfire....thump thump thump was the noise from the finally shut down the party at 1:30pm....Five boys stayed over and slept in their trucks (their choice) and my son didn't even bring them out blankets....hmmmmm can you say boys...then this morning at 8am...On a Sunday mine you...I hear the trucks start up and they decide to go play in the mud...This is our lake and they went to the other side of it and it was chilly and misty out...Yepper they woke up everyone....Rob's mom was not to happy...she lives on the property too. Not sure what my boy was thinking....doing that on a Sunday morning.

Now I am off to my tea party...this is a picture my son took of me before I left. Notice I wore the necklace I made...
Here is my moms outside screened room...she made it looks so danty and was a wonderful time. I would post pictures of everyone but I can't as I do not have permission too. But they all looked lovely...Definately a good time.
Before all the food was brought out to the stations...which were around the room...
Now...I am exhausted and hope to get some sleep...The boys went to their Uncles with Daddy for dinner as I am plum worn out.

Cream of Wheat dinner for me....

Have a wonderful week my sweet blogger friends...

oh by the way...thank you goes out to Misty Rose for my sweet blogger award...and also Karen for mine as well...I need to do them sometime...but I am really bad at that. Haha...But I am blessed and fortunate that they thought of me in such a kind way.



  1. Great card, your flower looks perfect on it! Great photos! Your necklace looks beautiful!

  2. wonderful card, great flower and sweet image. Wow what a party,great photos
    hugs Pia

  3. whata fba card - that flower is gorgeous
    Wow the tea party looks absolutely stunning. I hope you all had a fabulous time
    Lisa x

  4. WOW you look so beautiful Tammy!! I'm so proud to have a "sis" like you in the states =)
    AND I'm SOOOOO jealous of the tea-party. I have a cup-cake "mini-party" now and then but THIS is just FAB FAB FAB... gosh I wanna be there =))))) BIG HUGS my beautiful sis <3 miss ya

  5. You look so pretty and hope you had lots of fun at your tea party! Gorgeous necklace and I LOVE your card. Sorry it took me so long but I'm your newest follower! Hugs, Karen

  6. Hi Tammy!

    How lovely you are!! What fun, a tea party! How wonderful everything looks!!!!!

    Swaps are addicting!!! I can't seem to stop, LOL Everytime I say, no more, I need to catch up on other things, I find another one! I just joined a WAND swap!!! If you want to join, the button is on my blog!!!


  7. Wow Tammy you look gorgeous! And the screen room was set up for success! Everything is Pretty! Hugs Tee


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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