Monday, January 28, 2013

Take time and enjoy life

I've made another sweet card with another lovely stamp that I acquired at the wonderful scrapbook yard sale.  I used my copics to color her in.  Also did a little stitching.  I wanted it bright and cheery.  Who said this coloring would be so hard to learn. It is...though.
On a personal note.  I have been getting help for a problem I've had for many years.  A bladder sling problem.  It has gotten so bad recently as the pain shoots down my left leg.  Well, after being in the hospital on Friday to get lots of tests down.  They referred me to a specialist..he is one of the best and well he usually has a 4-6 month wait.  Can you imagine living in major pain that length...not me.  I'm over it really.  Well, I called up and was thrilled he accepted my insurance and then more thrilled that she just had a cancelation for February 15...Only 2 and half weeks.  I am so blessed and thank God for the doors that were opened for me.  I put this off for some time now and well they kept on worrying about my Kidney when it was not the problem at all.  I have a small one but hey it still works.  So I am smiling and a happy camper today.  So sharing that bit of information with you.
Have a blessed day my blogging friends.  I am going to practice coloring some more. haha

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