Friday, September 9, 2011

Not so spooky card

Here is just a simple Halloween card...I used my gypsy and new stamp that I pick up at Walmart.
It's pouring down with mega rain. So going to be a quick post.
Had a wonderful lunch with my bestie today...hard to get our schedules together but it finallly worked out.
I hope to get to all your blogs this week sometime. Miss seeing your creations and chats.
Smiles...always, Tammy


  1. This is lovely Tammy, definitely too cute to spoooook :)

  2. Oh, how cute! And you're right, it is too cute to spook... lol!

  3. way too cute to spook anyone but will put a smile on your face. so pretty love it

  4. oh so lovely to see you creating again.. fab Halloween project - you know i love them.. thinking of you.. hope all s going ok
    Lisa x

  5. Very cute card. Can you make a rain card and send it to Texas? ha ha.

  6. So fun! Love that cut! I am really impressed with some of my finds at Wal-mart lately!

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I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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