Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter


May you have a wonderful day.

We will be at church in the morning...the reason for the celebration.

Then home for family time...egg hunt and some yummy food.

Oh and I have a marvelous Mustang here...My little guy Colten received student of the month. Woot! Woot! He was awarded this also last year. He is such a blessing and such a sweet...adorable little pumpkin. He is my baby even at 8 years old.

I am sure blessed with my boys and my hubby too!

I will be back to crafting next week...


  1. Sounds like a really fun day, hope you have a Happy Easter!!! Hugs, Karen

  2. Enjoy your Day!!!! Sounds wonderful!!!

    Wishing you and your family and Blessed Easter!!! He is Risen!!!!

    Love ya girlie!!!

  3. Have a wonderful Day Tammy.. sounds like fun. Well done to Colten too !!
    Lisa x

  4. You too chum have a wonderful Easter with all your boys well done Colten. I won't be around much over the next 6 weeks as I have broken a bone I my hand after a bad fall on Good Friday while out shopping with my daughter. thanks for your email chum, I will be in touch hopefully again soon
    Lots Hugs
    Sarah x

  5. hope you had a wonderful easter. hugs

  6. nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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