Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first matchbox makeover...

I had so much fun decorating an empty matchbox...I've always wanted to do it...but of course put it off. Hard to believe you can use so much on something so small and it look good. (atleast in my opinion it looks good). I also inked the box ends with blue chalk...
I filled it up with some antique ribbon...some beads, a couple of buckle pieces, pretty bead and a button...Can you guess what is on the button?

I hope you liked my little creation.
It has been a busy day....doctors appts...for the boys which had me kinda not to happy because they are the worst at keeping track at shots...Mind you when my youngest was five years old
they gave him double the shots (6 of them) because they had no clue he had them already. Worst thing was that I would have known that but at the time I was really sick and had to have my hubby take him in ...and well you know they don't know much so he had no clue.
I was not to happy about my little guy getting that many on mistake. This time they can't find the chicken pox vacine ones for my oldest....By golly by the time they were done with the physical they had found one of them and said the other was not given. Hmmmmmmm all my boys had both of theirs why would I forget to get his...I know in my heart he had them both.
Geez....how many appointments and physicals have I had...let me see physical every year he is sports...and many sports that is...and they just now find that at the age of 17...
I know find another doctor. haha... felt like venting.
I am tired...didn't sleep so well last night. My husbands computer has a virus so tired to work on it too late and now I just want to sleep....
Okay...I know you don't read many posts like this by me...but hey once in a while you just have one of those days. haha


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  2. This is so pretty Tammy, love all the details. Sorry to hear about your busy day, hope you've rested now ... me too must go. Hugs xxx

  3. Sorry you had a rough time at the kids doctor appointments!! I loveeeeeeeee the match box! I love the little hearts! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. this is so so adorable Tammy... an absolutely unbelievable makeover.... gorgeous!!!

  5. this is really sweet.. i make these too. i also made a prayer box out of these or a dresser box. isnt it fun to make things out of stuff wed normally just throw away ;)


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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