Monday, November 8, 2010

I have been hard at work with Graduation stuff

Here is a layout that I made today with Presten's senior picture. Now all I need is a frame....I guess that means another Hobby Lobby run. Geez....I think I am loving that store! Making my new list already. Haha...
I used my cricut for the cap and words. (locker talk and A Country Life)
I also have been quite busy with making his graduation announcements. Oh my goodness they sure do take alot of time to make. I have 10 made and need about 20 + more. The only thing I have to wait on is the inside Vellum part that I am making. Will not be able to do that part until the end of February.
Have a wonderful day....will post some homecoming dance pictures soon of my two oldest.


  1. Hi tammy - love the new blog layout ... nd just love that pic of your son even more - he looks so handsome - you must be so proud.
    The layout and die cuts are just perfect
    Lisa ;)

  2. Love this!!!!! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!!

  3. OH he is so cute! Oh and the page is too. ;) Love your blog. Makes me smile everytime I see what your up too. Hugs!

  4. It's so handsome--the entire page. I love the way it looks masculine but still academic.
    You are such a great mom--I'm proud to know you girl!

    all the cricky best,


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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