Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Altered clipboard

First off....Top of the Mornin to you! Happy St. Patty's day.
I do have Irish in me so I am wearing my green as well as the kiddios.

I made this altered clipboard all day yesterday.
You need lots of time for this one.

With lots of inking,tearing,printing,taping, etc....
It came together really well. I even used my homemade paper bag flowers for this one.
I love the picture of Mona Lisa from grapic 45.
I am a Graphic 45 junkie. I have recently purchased mega paper of theirs. Yummy!!!!!!
I made a fold out with the key attached and it holds my post its! Now I have to print out the numbers and put them on the will look so cute on an easel in my living room and then we will have the actual phone numbers at hand. Instead of always just programming them in our cell phones we can know what they are...Not just by name. I really like this idea....
Welp me and Colten are going to blow some stink off of us. I could not send my little booger boy to school again. I gotta get that under control for him...Going to corner store for some medicines. We have been hoping it would just take its course this time...the cold that is. Then we are going to pop over to Ross...Okay that is for me. Gotta see what they have.
A great friend of ours son had a motorcycle accident. He was in surgery yesterday for over 7 hours to repair his arm. Poor thing is just turning 18 here in a little bit. He is great friends with my son too. He thankfully, was fully geared so it saved him from road rash though both arms were broke. One very badly~ that is the one he was in surgery for. So sending lots of prayers his way and thanking God he is okay and survived. When you hear about motorcyle accidents the outcome is not usually good. So God had a hand on him...he hit the wrong brake and flipped. This is why I do not like motor cycles....Unfortunately my kids do own their dirtbikes and have had some crashes out here on the property. Only good thing is that the bike did not fall on them and they are on sand which makes for a softer landing. Still making me uncomfortable. My Austen loves to ride and Jaxten is just starting to love it as well. Yikes...Lots of prayers covering them when they ride. It is very scary.
Okay, so I rambled a bit. I hope everyone has a super great day! Thanks for all the votes on my cover...Hoping to win some yummy stuff from the stores on the hunt. Me and my sister-in-law Julie, would have a great time shopping again. (smiles).


  1. Clipboard looks so cute! I'm hoping one of us wins the cover your cover too so more shopping goes on the agenda!! LOL
    I heard about William and we too are praying that he makes a full recovery and has complete usage of the arms. So sad to hear of it especially in his Sr. yr. and when all the fun stuff is just about to come!
    Hope Colten feels better soon too. I'm here proctoring FCAT makeups.

  2. You make the most gorgeous projects Tammy!
    This is just stunning!
    Hope your friends son makes a good recovery!

  3. Great idea! LOL Eddy doesn't even remember my number's...cause they are programmed! I should make him a mini book! lol

  4. This so beautiful, I just love all the elements and the techniques that you used on this!

  5. Oh so that Graphic paper and you did a super job with it!!

    So sorry about the young man and his accident..will put him in my prayers!!

    Wishing you a great day!!

  6. Just dropping in to say hi, and thanks for dropping by my blog :) Hope you'll enjoy the blog hop! x

  7. Your clipboard looks beautiful Tammy!!!
    Lovely papers and elements!! :o)

    ♥ Hugs, Inger

  8. Wow what a fab clipboard - i love that vintage look. i have a couple in the cupboard to alter -you might just have inspired me to have a go.
    Thanks for your kind comments and for linking my candy - hope you will find time to take part in the challenge
    Lisa ;)

    Hey Tam! Check out the classes and let me know of you would like to go to one or more with me!


I appreciate all the sweet comments...thank you!

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